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Re: New boot-floppies for 3.0r1?

#include <hallo.h>
* John H. Robinson, IV [Wed, Sep 11 2002, 12:13:27PM]:

> actually, i was asked to produce a 2.4.19bf kernel, which i have. if we
> need updated 2.4.18, i'll provide that.
> expect 2.4.18bf u/l by friday

If you have not done yet, please wait. I am preparing an unofficial set
of boot-floppies with USB floppy support and I stumbled over a kernel
problem which may prevent ide-floppy users from installing Debian. IMHO
this patch for rd.c would allow any device to be used for the initrd
compressed image, and without it, such devices would be ignored. Did
anyone try to install from a LS-120 floppy? IMHO this would break, but
with this patch and the proper kernel arguments it would work.

< 		&& MAJOR(real_root_dev) != FLOPPY_MAJOR
< #endif
< 	)
< 		return;

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