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Re: patch to correct order of network setup items

* Michael Cardenas 

| Attached are patches to ddetect and netcfg so that "configure network
| hardware" will appear in the menu before "setup dhcp networking" or
| "setup static networking", since the latter 2 can't be done until the
| former is complete. 


| Also, is the "retriever controller" which will let you select your
| retreiver, as discussed in retriever.txt, started yet? I don't see
| anything obvious in the source.


| Also, do we have a cd retriever yet?  If not, I plan to work on
| these two things.

yes, both are working (and anna is being worked on by Martin
Sjögren).  You might want to look into hard drive autodetection, that
is Not There Yet.

| Also, the error I got before about "can't locate module net-pf-1" is
| still occuring, so the network can't be set up. Is this just a module
| missing from the initrd?

that is unix sockets.. it doesn't have anything to do with networking
per se. :)

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