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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/doc by porridge

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 11:11:13AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> >   * cdebconf (and thus whole debian-installer) runs in bterm [1]
> This is rather limiting.
> bterm is not the only possibility.

Did you read "[1]", below that text? It suggests a solution. What do you
think of it?

> > New, preferred way:
> I don't think this is the preferred way.

Well, basically we can change the current situation in two ways:

 - hack {c,}debconf to use gettext for templates files
 - hack po-debconf to include mo files in built packages instead of
   merging the translations into one big template file
 - hack gettext so that it looks for templates' translations in the
   control archive (or wherever mo files will be when {pre,}configuring
   the package - I don't know dpkg/debconf internals that well), since
   messages must be read before the package is unpacked
 - since maintaining some authorative lang->charset mapping would be
   brain damage, we would need to hack debconf to support
   Description-ll_LL.charset: fields (moreover joeyh says this would
   cause older debconf versions to crash)

 - hack {c,}debconf to recode the templates from UTF8 to the charset
   a particular user uses
 - [DONE in po-debconf 0.2.2] recode the templates to UTF8 at package
   build time


And the only thing we gain in the first scenario is the automatic
recoding gettext does. (As opposed to doing it "manually" in debconf).

> In fact, I think this will cause more load than not converting to utf-8.

Do you mean that since most users use the same charset as translators,
we could skip the recoding to and from utf8 in these cases?
I don't think this would be any noticable load.

> > ________________________________________________________________________
> >[ The following probably are non-issues now sice thanks to modularity we ]
> >[ can fit all messages on the floppy                                     ]
> They are not non-issues.
> We can't really fit all messages on the floppy, regardless of 
> what kind of modularity.

I'm not saying we need to hold ALL messages on the floppy. Each udeb
would contain only the messages it needs, so the floppy would contain
only the messages used by the few base udebs.
This is currently less then 5 KB uncompressed!

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