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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/doc by porridge

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:45:54 -0600
Debian Boot CVS Master <aph@debian.org> wrote:

> Repository: debian-installer/doc
> who:        porridge
> time:       Wed Sep 11 09:45:54 MDT 2002
> Log Message:
>   Tidied up. Comments are very welcome.
> Files:
> changed:    i18n.txt

>   * cdebconf (and thus whole debian-installer) runs in bterm [1]
This is rather limiting.
bterm is not the only possibility.


> New, preferred way:
>   * translators provide messages in po files (using po-debconf) in whatever
>     encoding they prefer
>   * package build procedure recodes the messages when producing the "combined"
>     template file. The resulting templates file should have a "Encoding:
>     UTF-8" header (actually all this should be taken care of by po-debconf).

I don't think this is the preferred way.
In fact, I think this will cause more load than not converting to utf-8.

We need the system for converting from language-legacy encoding to
current LC_CHARSET.

>  Since we have a transition period coming up anyway as packages begin to
>  move to po-debconf, and since po-debconf's template po files will include
>  encoding info, add onto this transition that po-debnconf generated
>  template files will be in utf-8.  

This isn't true, right ?

and for:
> ________________________________________________________________________
>[ The following probably are non-issues now sice thanks to modularity we ]
>[ can fit all messages on the floppy                                     ]

They are not non-issues.
We can't really fit all messages on the floppy, regardless of 
what kind of modularity.


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