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Re: installation issues

#include <hallo.h>
* A. P. Garcia [Wed, Aug 28 2002, 06:45:31PM]:
> Debian 2.2r6 found the right scsi driver for my system and installed
> without a hitch.  The boot cd for version 3.0 does not find my scsi
> controller, and hence it won't install.

Yeah, few months ago, some people came to the crazy idea of making
"idepci" flavor default, which is the worst of all WRT number of
drivers, especially SCSI drivers.

Try booting with other CDs or specify another flavor on the boot prompt.
RTF boot-screens.

> AK-Mail benötigt ein installiertes PGP, mutt ein installiertes PGP
Na und? mutt braucht sogar noch einen installierten Editor ;-)
(Thomas Köhler in dcs)

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