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Re: debian-installer patch followup: tools/partkit/partkit.c

tis 2002-08-27 klockan 19.09 skrev Michael Cardenas:
> Here's a cleaner version of this patch. 

Dang. I should read all my mail before starting to reply to some of it

> +char *partkit_get_devices(PedDevice *dev)

This fixes some of my comments in the other mail.

> +      ptr = partkit_get_devices(dev);
>        client->command (client, "subst", "partkit/select_device", "choices",
>  		       ptr, NULL);
> +      free(ptr);
> +      
>        /*FIXME: how to get a default device? */
>        client->command (client, "subst", "partkit/select_device", "default",
>  		       ptr, NULL);

But you're still using ptr after it's been freed :-)

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