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debian-installer status -- 2002-08-26

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Second status report, about a month has passed since the last one.

The todo list for d-i looked like this a month ago:

- - unbreak cdebconf
- - partitioner
- - multiple arch support

cdebconf has been unbroken.  It works like a charm now, thanks a lot
to those who have helped.

I have some preliminary partition support working, but that still
needs lots more work, and it needs util-linux to generate udebs.  In
addition, the code to mount those partitions in the right place needs
to be written.  It is probably not hard, but needs to be done.

Multiple arch support has begun, Colin Walters is looking into getting
it to work on PowerPC, Wartan Hachaturow is trying to get it to work
on alpha.

I'd like to give a big thanks to our ftpmasters for processing the new
udebs quickly.  It is appreciated and makes our work a lot easier.  If
you could fix that bug in dak which unaccepts the new udebs as well,
it would be even greater.

Our RM wanted a limited, but working installer in approximately 14
days.  I hope to meet that goal.  In order to meet it, we need, at
least, the following things to be fixed:

- - partitioning/mkfs/mount stuff needs to be finished up.
- - dak needs to stop unaccepting new udebs.
- - prebaseconfig needs to stop using grub directly and depend on
  {grub,lilo}-installer instead.
- - a bunch of full-sized udebs needs to be created (more on this below)

Nice-to-have features would be gpgv support (for verifying the
integrity of the stuff you download) and getting the UTF8 support into

Those full-sized udebs are needed because of library reduction, as
written in the ISSUES document:

  It is difficult to reduce a library if you don't know what functions
  in it will be used.  Since additional modules could be dropped onto
  install media at any time, it is very difficult to guarantee that a
  reduced libc will have all the symbols they need.

  The least insane way of handling this is probably to have a libc6
  package and other "full" packages with the libraries we need; this
  will waste some space, but is probably the only way to go for now.

Unless somebody comes up with a better way, that is the way we will

As always, comments and thoughts appreciated.

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