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Bug#157327: unhandled page fault in dbootstrap

reassign 157327 boot-floppies
retitle 157327 [arm/riscstation] segmentation fault in dbootstrap

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 23:29, Ben Dooks wrote:
> dbootstrap: unhandled page fault at pc=0x4008fd94, lr=0x00014b44 (bad address=0x00000000, code 0)

At what point did this occur?  Are you saying that dbootstrap crashes
immediately on startup, or is it provoked by some particular action?

> acorn-fdisk does not work, producing a segmentation fault, with the
> following:

Likewise here.

> Having traced through, the faults seem to be comming from shared library
> problems

It would be helpful if you could explain your findings, to save others
from duplicating the effort.


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