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Bug#157327: unhandled page fault in dbootstrap

Package: boot-floppy
Version: 3.0.24-2002-08-13
Debian release: 3.0
Architecture: arm

kernel is 2.4.18-rmk5 with riscstation patches

dbootstrap: unhandled page fault at pc=0x4008fd94, lr=0x00014b44 (bad address=0x00000000, code 0)

pc: [<4008fd94>]    lr: [<00014b44>]

sp : bffff6b0   ip: 00031658  fp: bffffea8
r10: 00032f50   r9: 0001b098  r8: 00023708
r7 : 00000001   r6: 00000000  r5: 0003e2e0  r4: 00000000
r3 : bffff6c0   r2: 00000000  r1: 00000000  r0: 00000000

acorn-fdisk does not work, producing a segmentation fault, with the

acorn-fdisk: unhandled page fault at pc=0x0000e8e4, lr=0x00000005 (bad address=0x00000005)

Having traced through, the faults seem to be comming from shared library


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