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 Dear Sir,

 I received encouraging information about you, hence I decided to contact you.
 I am Gen. Hama Salama, Military Commander with
 POLISARIO(Political Front for the Liberation of
 Western Sahara) and a member of council of the
 National Secretariat of Western Sahara(Saharawi
 Democratic Republic).
 Prior to my promotion to this command, I was the
 second in command to the former military boss. He was
 killed in battle in early January. Some private ,
 religious and corporate organizations who recognize us
 assist/aid us always in the war prosecution. Before
 the death of my former boss, we were given some
 funds(US$55m) to procures ammunitions. My boss
 deposited it with a private security company in
 Europe. It was only I and him that are aware of thiscash deposit.
 I now want to claim this funds and I have all the
 relating documents needed to collect the deposit
 including the Certificate of Deposit with which the
 Cash was deposited as Precious stones and The Deposit
 Agreement. I therefore want you to team up with me to
 collect the funds in Europe as I require a foreigner
 to perfect the operation. Let me know your terms.
 I will provide you with all the necessary documentation needed and    there are no risks involved.
 It is a simple and straight transaction but must bekept highly
confidential.Upon the receipt of your positive response, further
 details and the method of operation will be
 communicated to you. Therefore if you are interested,
 please do reach me via an immediate reply mail. I will
 want everything about this transaction to be treated
 in strictest confidence even if you are notinterested.
 I await your response.


 Gen Hama Salama
 Military CommanderWestern Sahara

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