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? bug

I have a Zenith 486-66 laptop that I had been running
"potato" on quite well.  I wiped the harddrive and
tried to install "woody" 3.0 vanilla (and later
"compact").  The rescue disk behaves fine.  The root
disk gives a load error on keyboard load(us-qwerty
"error loading the keymap i386/qwerty/us.keymap from
/etc/keymaps.tgz").  It then gives a warning about me
having 9 meg of ram (which is true and will be made up
for on swap).  Then it won't allow the hard drive to
be partitioned do to "cfdisk has failed....." then
suggests to wipe the partition table(which I did).  I
have downloaded new images and rewrote the disks (even
used new floppies).  Nothing has worked.  The hard
drive is ok.  I can partition, format, and load DOS on
it.  Any help you can give is appreciated.  I have
tried everything I can think of.

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