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Re: Help! Bug with lilo and initrd?

I'm not using cramfs. The compressed root is ext2 fs because I need to load
it Read-write. What initrd patch do I need for 2.2.20 (I got it from
kernel.org) as I thought it already contained the latest initrd sources?

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Subject: Re: Help! Bug with lilo and initrd?

> #include <hallo.h>
> * Andrew [Fri, Aug 09 2002, 02:59:45PM]:
> >  I have a problem that I have been wrestling with now for a number of
> > with no solution, and I'm hoping someone can help.
> >
> > I have a stock 2.2.20 kernel with ramdisk and initrd support compiled
> Where did you get your source? Prescine source from kernel.org must be
> patched to work properly with initrd and cramfs on it. Or use
> kernel-source from Debian package. Do not ask me why the people removed
> it cramfs from initrd's accepted filesystems.
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> Eduard.
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