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Thank you for signing up for Max Group B2B Services

Title: On behalf of Max Group Corporation

On behalf of Max Group Corporation, I would like to thank you for participating in the Max Group B2B eccommerce program.

Your B2B account can now reflect your true cost.

24 / 7 access to your pricing, ( Price set by your Sales Person)

24 / 7 real time UPS freight quotes,

24 / 7 real time Custom Built System configurator

24 / 7 real time Notebook Configurator

24 / 7 access to your account info, RMA, Invoices, Shipments, Open Order

and order tracking.


You no longer have to wait on hold for a price and neither do your customers. Right here, right now pricing and availability.

We have also just added HP printers to the Max Group Product Line 


To see pricing and availability you will need to login with your password.


You have already completed the first step necessary to take advantage of the Max Group ASP, customizable " Online Computer Store".

For Lease: 400,000 sf warehouse space, 199.00 p/mo




1. Online Catalog

2. Shopping Cart

3. Blind Dropship Product Fulfillment

4. System Configurator

5. Notebook Configurator

6. Online RMA Support

7. No Long Term Contract, Month to Month Billing

8. No Restrictions on Sourcing

9. Online or Offline Credit Card Processing

10. Sales Tool

11. Marketing Tool

12. Selling Price Auto Updates Based on Cost

13. Customizable, add items, delete items, set margins

14. Open 24/7

15. Lead Generator

16. Promote " Localization" versus "Globalization"

17. Dedicated Support Team, Customer Service, Programmers, Sales,


18. Excellent Foundation to build an impressive web presence

19. Add 4 Distribution Centers to Customers Current Location

20. Add $15 million on hand inventory to Customers Existing Inventory

21. Partner with a Solid Distributor with 15yrs "Channel" experience

22. Solutions

Please contact your Max Group sales rep or you can reach me at the numbers


Thank You,

Anna Cochran

Max Group Corporation

800-256-9040 x 1242

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