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Re: Problems installing debian on packard-bell

#include <hallo.h>
Roman Stawski wrote on Sat Aug 03, 2002 um 12:06:19PM:

> CD1 with the 'bf24' method and CD5
> 	A couple of loading XXX... messages are displayed followed by
> 	'Uncompressing linux... OK booting the kernel', and then the
> 	system freezes

Try giving the "noapic" argument.

> The system I'm using has a quaint Packard-Bell keyboard (model 9201)
> hooked onto the USB (which is why I tried bf24 and CD5). It has an
> AMD Athlon processor and 128m of RAM.

Did you enable the legacy keyboard emulation in BIOS? This may help with
the default flavor.

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