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Re: Booting 2.4.18 kernel from Adaptec 2100s configured as RAID-1

#include <hallo.h>
Neil S Hamilton wrote on Sun Jul 14, 2002 um 09:41:11PM:

> /etc/lilo.conf (I can't currently copy/paste this) installs the MBR to
> /dev/sda and gives the root as /dev/sda3.
> Running Lilo seems to go fine, but on reboot, with SCSI selected in the
> BIOS, I get a string of numbers printed when LILO loads - I _think_ this
> is the letter "L", followed by "01 01 01 01 01...." which I understand

IDE/SCSI mixture is your problem. You should already know it if you use
a such combination, if you don't - RTFM. The installer suggests to
create a boot floppy - did you?

> Please - can anybody help me with this configuration. All I want to
> achieve is a basic install to work on, of the 2.4.18 kernel, supporting
> my Adaptec 2100s and my 3Com 3c905 network cards (I understand the
> 3c59x.o module does that).

Run setup again. Do the same things. After you installed LILO the first
time, go to the second console. Run "chroot /target". Run "editor
/etc/lilo.conf". READ THE COMMENTS. There is an example for you. Modify
as needed. Then exit nano and run lilo. Hm, I think you will also need
to "mount /proc" before and "umount /proc" afterwards.

> Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm going round in circles and
> running out of ideas.

Uhm. Without ideas, you should on the internet.

We just typed make... 
(Stephen Lambrigh, Director of Server Product Marketing at Informix
 about porting their Database to Linux)

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