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Booting 2.4.18 kernel from Adaptec 2100s configured as RAID-1

Hi folks -

I hope someone can help me with this :)

I've been struggling with this for hours now, so I think the time has
come to cry for help.

I've installed a very basic woody from a 2.4 bootable CD from

I had to install the driver for the raid card near the beginning of the
setup. It is dpt_i2o.o - a version which loads correctly with 2.4.18
kernels! After this loads, I can not only see my IDE drive (/dev/hda)
(simply there to transfer some data and keep me sane - it's going when
this works!) and my SCSI-RAID1 array (/dev/sda). 2 ~36Gb SCSI disks
configured as RAID-1 in the SCSI bios.

/dev/sda is partitioned as follows:
/dev/sda1 is /boot (8.2Mb)
/dev/sda2 is swap (~2 Gb - the machine will soon have 1Gb RAM. It's an
AMD 1800MHz chip.
/dev/sda3 is / (5Gb)
/dev/sda4 is /var (the rest of the space - about 29 Gb)

I have built a custom kernel which at some point yesterday booted fine
and detected everything I needed to. It's residing as

/etc/lilo.conf (I can't currently copy/paste this) installs the MBR to
/dev/sda and gives the root as /dev/sda3.

Running Lilo seems to go fine, but on reboot, with SCSI selected in the
BIOS, I get a string of numbers printed when LILO loads - I _think_ this
is the letter "L", followed by "01 01 01 01 01...." which I understand
means that it can't find /boot/boot.b due to either a disk failure or
LILO being pointlessly stupid.

Please - can anybody help me with this configuration. All I want to
achieve is a basic install to work on, of the 2.4.18 kernel, supporting
my Adaptec 2100s and my 3Com 3c905 network cards (I understand the
3c59x.o module does that).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm going round in circles and
running out of ideas.

Thanks in advance,


Neil S Hamilton

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