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Re: promise controller

#include <hallo.h>
David Murphy wrote on Wed Jul 10, 2002 um 04:50:05PM:
> How did you name the hardrive when you used fdisk? I've tried using fdisk on
> /dev/ataraid/hd0 and also /dev/hda .. /hdd etc without luck.

Hm, did you look in that directory first? Or in the kernel-docs? d0 is
equivalent to "hda on Promise", d0p1 to hda1, etc.

> > I had this exact same problem under woody with a hardware promise card.
> > My solution was to switch to the alt console (alt-f2) and manually
> > partition the disk and create the filesystem.  Once this is done and you
> > rerun the install scripts it will see the partition correctly.

The question is - which version of boot-floppies did you use? Versions
prior to 3.0.22 did support ATARAID, but the installer ignored the
files. Only the newer versions of installer recognize them as

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