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Re: Cross-install howto

#include <hallo.h>
Chris Tillman wrote on Mon Jul 01, 2002 um 11:46:37PM:

>    Mount any additional filesystems.
>     # If this mount point is referenced in your /etc/fstab:
>     $ mount /path     # e.g.:  mount /usr

Or use "mount -a" to mount all filesystems already specified in /etc/fstab.

>     # Keyboard.
>     $ dpkg-reconfigure console-data
>     # I'm not sure about language (FIXME: locales?)

To configure your locale settings, ie. for using another language, run
# dpkg-reconfigure locales

NOTE: Before using locales with charsets other than ASCII/latin1, please
consult the appropriate localisation Howto.

>    To configure networking, edit the following files. nano is the user-
>    friendly simple editor installed by debootstrap.
>     $ nano /etc/network/interfaces 

Better point to /usr/bin/editor, this is guaranteed.

>    Then install your choice using its package name.
>     $ apt-get install kernel-image-2.X.X-arch-etc
>    To make your Debian GNU/Linux system bootable, set up your boot
>    loader to load the installed kernel and your new root partition.

NOTE: If you one or more multiple network cards and you rely on the working
network, you should enter the names of driver modules into the
/etc/modules file in the correct order (so if you have multiple NICs,
the right card gets the right interface name).

Note to Chris: don't forget the boot loader!

Heute kann man ja kaum noch eine AOL-CD aus dem Fenster werfen, ohne
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                        Jochem Huhmann in de.comp.os.unix.discussion

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