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Re: BiDi and RTL

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 18:43, Moshe Zadka wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, "Chris Tillman" <tillman@voicetrak.com> wrote:
> > We spend so much energy keeping the installer within a floppy's size. I
> > move to abandon that silly goal for d-i, and simply refer folks to
> > boot-floppies for floppy installations. It's not like it's dead and
> > buried, and it's a good match technology wise, 1990's software :-) with
> > 1990's hardware. Well, you get my drift.
> Do you have a CD-Writer? Maybe. But I don't in 2002, and neither do
> several of my friends. So, you're moving that I'll be unable to install
> Debian without ordering a CD?
> > CD's are ubiquitous
> CD writers are not
> > Plus, we already have a working floppy installer!
> Boot floppies is dead. Nobody will maintain it for woody+1, unless
> you are going to do it.

Your point is understandable, but I think abondening other languages or not 
advancing the technology due to size limitations of a floppy is not really 
worth it. 
Not exactly related to this topic but somehow related is the acceptance of 
UTF-8 for the translation of the Debian pages. A while back I translated a 
lot of Debian pages, which were rejected because I had corrupted all the 
other languages in the same file. Why? Becuause I had saved the files in 
UTF-8, and this corrupted the other content. But for me there is almost no 
other way than using UTF-8 for Farsi. Unicode, Bidi and RTL are unavoidable. 
It would be great having Debian support this.


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