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Re: "for installation instructions see www.debian.org"

Ch> Having said that, the instructions are in the install directory on
Ch> the CD, which is where you'd have to look for the installer
Ch> program anyway.  And the README.txt in the root directory includes
Ch> the location of the instructions.  I guess you could blindly boot
Ch> with the CD in the drive without reading the instructions first on
Ch> some platforms, however.

Yes, at the install fest we were told to take these disks home and
boot from the first one.

Or must you assume one's computer must have some previous operating
system to enable one to poke around the CDs... hmmm, never mind that.

Anyway, we pop in the debian CD and hit reboot expecting our new
Debian lives to begin... only to be told that even though we have 8
whole CDs there are still some fragments we are missing -- the
instructions!   So we trundle down the mountain back to the lab to
connect to www.debian.org to get outdated instructions for our woody

Anyway, alls you gots to do is,
during those installation screens,
when it gets to the part saying to go to www.debian.org to get
mention also "by the way, also look first on your installation CD,
floppy, etc.!  The instructions are probably right there too!"
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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