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Re: [d-i]: cdebconf safe to install? (newbie question)

* Colin Watson 

| I'm trying to build debian-installer, seeing if I can get to the point
| where 'make demo' works. At the moment the initial apt-get run fails
| because I don't have cdebconf installed on the build system. (I'm
| assuming I'm starting in the right place by running 'fakeroot make
| TYPE=net' in the build directory.)

you are, -ish. :)  the README file in the build directory should be
up-to-date, I think.

| The cdebconf package description has a warning that it will break
| debconf if installed on a live system; per the fix for #83318, is this
| still true, or can I go ahead and install it? If it will still break,
| I'll put together a chroot.

Works for me(tm).  (Though it's not used instead of debconf, which it
probably should, eventually.)

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