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Woody installation on IBM 44P-170 - really close

I believe I am really close to getting Debian working on an IBM 44P-170

I made a combined boot/root image. The kernel is 2.4.18 from kernel.org,
while the root image is from Debian. I used the default power3 config file

Root image:


I download the boot/root image from Open Firmware via BOOTP. It starts up
the installation routine. I am able to successfully partition/format the
hard drive.

However, if I try to install via NFS I get the following error message:
"Error mounting NFS filesystem, 'server:/path', please try again."

I know NFS is working, because I am able to mount from other systems.

If I try to install via HTTP/FTP it will successfully download rescue.bin
and drivers.tgz; however I get the following error messages:
"Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy."
"The attempt to extract Rescue Floppy failed."
"Installation of the file '/tmp/rescue.bin' failed."

Why is rescue.bin even required at this point?

Are these known issues?
Do I need to submit a bug?
Is there a way I can work around the problem?

Any help will be appreciated.


Rolf Brudeseth
pSeries System Engineering & Integration, IBM Enterprise Systems Group
Austin, TX, Phone: 512-838-6558

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