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Bug#145981: (no subject)

I had the same problem and I looked into it little. There is this script
called, I think, base-config.sh which controls the configuration process.
It calls the configuration scripts in /tmp/base-config. The configuration
scripts are named NNxxxx, where is a two-digit number and xxx is the name
of the package. Theses scripts are copied to /tmp/base-config from
/usr/lib/base-config. After each script is executed, the controlling
script checks the return code. If the return code is 0, it goes to the
next script. If it is 1-9, it prints an error message and goes to the next
script. If the return code is 10-99, it finds the first script with that
number and executes it.

It turnes out that in my case the script 25pcmcia returned 10 and that is
what made baseconfig.sh go back to the timezone config script. 25pcmcia
exits with the error code 10 on the db_get line. I did not get any further
than that, I don't know too much about debconf, but it seemed as if
db_get was referring to an non-existent file or something similar.

I hope this helps to track the problem down.


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