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Re: floppy boot developers

* Darryl Caldwell <darrylc@landscouncil.org> [020507 19:41]:
> Following the instructions in the manual I needed 6 floppies to get the
> NFS install started, with RH I only needed one. Why?

It should only be two: an resucue.bin and an root.bin.

There are sets with many more floppies to support any hardware
supported by Linux.

With an nfs not only containing packages but also the root-filesystem
or an tftp-image containing this, one disk should also be possible,
but you might need to make it yourself. (or give strange parameters
to one special of the rescue.bin, never done so).

It's a pitty PCs don't support network-boot out of the box. Installing
Sun station or sgi's is so extremly easy without any disk.

	Bernhard R. Link
The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve 
nor will he ever receive either. (Benjamin Franklin)

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