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Re: floppy boot developers

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 10:38:40AM -0700, Darryl Caldwell wrote:
> Is there a design doc for the install architecture somewhere that I could
> get a hold of? I would like to look at how this is laid out and see what
> direction it is heading. 
> I've been doing NFS installs this week on 6 boxes that do not have CD
> drives. I couldn't get it working with Debian, my favorite, and went with
> RH because of time constraints. I would like to contribute to the Debian
> project though once I get a better picture of the install process.
> Following the instructions in the manual I needed 6 floppies to get the
> NFS install started, with RH I only needed one. Why?
The answer to that one, in Japanese as I understand, is 'mu', or 
'Unask the question'. 

The reason is that the current installer is at end-of-life. The good news, 
is that work is just starting on the new version. I don't think there's any 
design doc, per se (want to contribute one?) but the source is at 


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