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Re: About the infinite loop

On Sat, 2002-05-04 at 12:14, Joey Hess wrote:

> It didn't help that the broken base-config was itself a rushed fix for
> an earlier broken base-config, which was itself a rushed workaround for a
> hasty change in the boot-floppies, so I did even less testing on that
> release than I usually manage for base-config.

Which fully explains how the broken package got into woody. Thanks Joey
for all your work. Let's hope the latest rushed fix is OK :-)

> We have to be aware that boot-floppies and base-config receive little or
> no testing before they enter testing. I am painfully aware of that. I am
> thinking about ways to do semiautomated base-config testing before I
> release it, but short of a full install it is hard to be sure testing it
> in a chroot or such hits all cases.

Perhaps plex86 developments will soon be helpful. You would then be able
to simulate an install in a virtual environment. You would probably even
be able to save a memory image at any point in time. So you could save
the image just before a new package you are testing is installed. You
might then be able to fire up the image and install the new package and
test it without having to go through all of the preliminary install
steps nor need a separate machine for testing.


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