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Re: prep with matrox millenium == out of scan range when booting kernel?!

I'm not too familiar with PReP hardware, but the install page:
claims that the kernel will fall back to a serial console if the video
is broken.  Sounds like you might need a newer bootloader, or maybe
even just a 'video=matroxfb' config line.

>>>>> "rubin" == rubin  <rubin@xs4all.nl> writes:

    rubin> Hello People, As I've posted before, I have modern debian
    rubin> 3.0 booting succesfully on a Bull Estrella Series 300 (aka
    rubin> Motorola Powerstack II 4000/Pro).

    rubin> After some investigations it turned out that the vga card
    rubin> is severely out of date (a Cirrus Logic GD5446 /w 256k of
    rubin> ram ;-). Ofcourse, this machine needs a cool graphics card
    rubin> so my first try was a Diamond FireGL 3000 with fully loaded
    rubin> texture board (32mb)... The machine refused to come up
    rubin> (probably because it is anything but "standard" vga"). So
    rubin> as a second best, I chose my trusty Matrox Millenium II /w
    rubin> 4mb ram. The sytem agreed, and comes up nicely into the
    rubin> openfirmware screen and presents the usual bootup and
    rubin> diagnostics options.

    rubin> But alas, it was all too good to be true; As soon as the
    rubin> bootloader (I think quik) loads, the screen goes black and
    rubin> a second later my monitor states "Out Of Scan
    rubin> Range"... Mmmm.. I tried and reproduced this with the older
    rubin> (2.2 potato) and newer (3.0 testing).

    rubin> I'm pretty sure this has to do with the bootloader of
    rubin> debian but I don't know how to resolve this!

    rubin> Interresting enough, running the yaboot bootloader from the
    rubin> ydl 2.2 cd inits the screen properly and presents me a
    rubin> boot: prompt; Alas, I seem to be unable to use it to boot
    rubin> my system with as it always returns "No Such File Or
    rubin> directory" or a "Corrupt Or Invalid Partition"..

    rubin> If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. I'll
    rubin> keep hacking at it and post whatever I'll find out next ;-)

    rubin> Grtz,

    rubin> Rubin.

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    rubin> debian-powerpc-request@lists.debian.org with a subject of
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