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prep with matrox millenium == out of scan range when booting kernel?!

Hello People,

As I've posted before, I have modern debian 3.0 booting succesfully on a Bull Estrella Series 300 (aka Motorola Powerstack II 4000/Pro).

After some investigations it turned out that the vga card is severely out of date (a Cirrus Logic GD5446 /w 256k of ram ;-). Ofcourse, this machine needs a cool graphics card so my first try was a Diamond FireGL 3000 with fully loaded texture board (32mb)... The machine refused to come up (probably because it is anything but "standard" vga"). So as a second best, I chose my trusty Matrox Millenium II /w 4mb ram. The sytem agreed, and comes up nicely into the openfirmware screen and presents the usual bootup and diagnostics options.

But alas, it was all too good to be true; As soon as the bootloader (I think quik) loads, the screen goes black and a second later my monitor states "Out Of Scan Range"... Mmmm.. I tried and reproduced this with the older (2.2 potato) and newer (3.0 testing). I'm pretty sure this has to do with the bootloader of debian but I don't know how to resolve this!

Interresting enough, running the yaboot bootloader from the ydl 2.2 cd inits the screen properly and presents me a boot: prompt; Alas, I seem to be unable to use it to boot my system with as it always returns "No Such File Or directory" or a "Corrupt Or Invalid Partition"..

If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. I'll keep hacking at it and post whatever I'll find out next ;-)



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