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Bug#143404: More information

I just had the same problem with my Digital Celebris GL 5133 ST.

SYSLINUX makes the floppy drive emit strange noise and the boot fails
(debian old & new, redhat, slackware 8.1-current). Openbsd floppy boot
crashes with protection error. Freebsd & DOS boot fine.

Swapped 3 floppy drives, 2 floppy cables, 5 floppy disks and 2 computers
of the same type. Still the same! Looks like an incompatibility between
syslinux and digital celebris BIOS.

I copied the kernel to raw floppy (with dd), rdev it to /dev/fd0 and got
the installer to work.

Still, after the install it insists of looking for a root device at
00:00 and fails. It seems to completely ignore what I pass to
root=/dev/blaah. root is on /dev/sda2, scsi adapter and sda1 and sda2
partitions are detected just fine but somehow it insists on using 00:00
as the root device (missing filesystem drivers?). Still digging at it.

Meelis Roos             e-mail: mroos@ut.ee
                        www:    http://www.cs.ut.ee/~mroos/

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