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bootfloppies on powerpc prep

Hi all,

has anybody succesfully tested a boot of debian woody through bootfloppies on powerpc prep?

I've succesfully booted the last diskset from testing on a Bull Estrella Series 300 (motorola powerstack 4000 II) but it hangs on initialization of the Symbios Logic 53C825A which at init, keeps resetting itself into oblivion.

I'm also suspecting I might need a bootloader instead of just the openfirmware (which is a FirmWorks OpenFirmware 1.2 RH11 - got it from Bull); any ideas about that? yaboot seems to load but doesn't do anything afterwards (kernels won't boot) and I have not been able to find a binary version of quik which might do the trick.

As a side note it looks like the kernel does not pick up any boot parameters given at the openfrmware command-prompt.

Also note that the install.txt on the ftp.debian.org is very out of date (1999, scarce details about bootfloppy based install). If I get succesful with this (as in: actually get debian powerpc to run on it) I would like to rewrite this document.

Hope to hear from fellow prep-hackers soon!


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