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Bug#142305: i386 - borders gone on vanilla flavor

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore-devel.com> cum veritate scripsit:

> Oh, ok.  I see.  We got rid of the mixed builds sometime in Feb, 2002,
> due to problems in modconf.  I hadn't been aware of that but Eduard
> kindly reminded me on IRC.

Yes, the slang fix I have been raging around with, which you were away.

> Maybe setting the lang is the right way to do, but we'd have to do it
> just for this i386/vanilla flavor?  That seems rather nasty...

It would be pretty much difficult to get it right at this time,
considering it, it is not a trivial fix.

Is having borders in vanilla flavor a release-critical thing ?
(why didn't anyone notice it for ... more than a month?)


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