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Re: Some problems and questions...

#include <hallo.h>
Adam Di Carlo wrote on Sat Apr 13, 2002 um 06:58:50PM:

> >      B. After installing the drivers from CD, there is an informational
> >         message indicating that drivers may already be loaded.
> No idea what that's about.  Seems like it should be filed as a bug.

No. This is for all that dudes that complained about not beeing able to
find the driver for their network card, while the driver has been
already loaded in the kernel.

> That seems absolutely crippling to me, e.g., a Serious or higher
> boot-floppies bug.  Does this happen on any particular flavor for
> i386?  all flavors?

Which version of boot-floppies has been used? There was a buggy modconf
version, but it the current one should be okay. Do you have enough RAM,
did you make a swap partition?

> > Now, A isn't much of a problem, just confusing for new users, unless no
> > modules are actuall being loaded because of this. On the other hand, B is
> > simply confusing. C is a problem for my screen shot collection, but will
> > only impact those installs needing CD drivers, etc...

Tell more details. Modconf has to work.

> > 2. After the reboot, following the base install, I get a lot of screen
> >    shots messed up because the kernel likes to throw "Neighbour Table
> >    Overflow" error messages all over the screen.

This bug have also been fixed in one of the previous boot-floppies

> Well, I haven't even seen this.  Are you using per chance the bf2.4
> flavor?  This should be filed as a bug against the kernel-image-*
> package which is relevant.

Most likely because of missing lo-Interface configuration, which was not
saved by debootstrap in some situations in bfs << 3.0.20 or so.

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