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Re: Ultra 5

On  0, Aravind Vinnakota <aravind@csee.wvu.edu> wrote:
> Hi all!
>   I just started using Debian. I am trying to install debian on Sun Ultra
> 5 machine. I tried 3 different ways to install it but could'nt:
> 1) I downloaded the CD images. I tried to burn it on CDs but the images
> seem to be larger than the CD size. So, I could'nt burn the CDs.
> 2) Then I downloaded just the minimal CD image and burnt it on a CD. Then
> I inserted the CD into the CDROM drive and used the command $> boot cdrom
> to boot from the CD, but I am getting the error "Bad magic number on disk
> label". So, I could'nt boot from the CDROM
> 3) Then I downloaded the floppy image (rescue.bin and driver-1.bin) and
> tried to copy them onto floppies. But again the same space
> problem. The files are larger than the floppy disk size. Also from the
> documentation, I could understand that we cant boot from floppy drive in
> case of Ultra sparcs. Any suggestions? I think many of you were able to
> burn it onto CDs and floppies?

Are you sure you are doing the right things with the images?  Everyone
else manages to get the images onto the media...

Are you writing the image to the media as a raw image, or as a file on
the media?  For instance, are you making the floppies like this:

# mount /floppy
# cp image-file /floppy

or like this

# cat image-file > /dev/fd0


# dd if=image-file of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k


If the first, then that is wrong.  You need to completely overwrite
the floppy with the image, including the filesystem tables and
things.  If the second then that is very strange and I don't know
what's going on.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

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	- Robert Waldner

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