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Re: 2.4 kernel as default boot kernel on CD #1 ??

#include <hallo.h>
Jim Westveer wrote on Thu Apr 04, 2002 um 05:24:24PM:
> > And last, woody ought to be 2.2 based and not 2.4 based ... but since I
> > also find it lame to use 2.2.x by default nowadays ...
> >
> I disagree,  2.4.x kernels have been out for over 2 years.....we should
> not release a "new" version of Debian with such an outdated kernel !
> [appologies in advance to the boot-floppy group for all their hard work]

Agreed. The decission, which flavor has to be on the first CD, is done
by debian-cd's scripts, see
/usr/share/debian-cd/tools/boot/woody/boot-i386. CD distributors can
change it if they like.
IMHO bf2.4 is stable enough to be used as installation
kernel and is used by most people (Impression, looking at submitter's
data of recent bug/success reports).

But who makes this decission for the CD Nr.1? DPL?

BTW: I personaly think that "compact" on the second CD does not make
sence, its primarily goal is smart floppy-based installation. 

    Beim Reparieren von Elektrogeräten kann einem schlagartig
               klar werden, wo der Fehler liegt.

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