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Re: 3.0.22 plan, translations (b-f bugs dropping like flies.)

On 02 Apr 2002 01:23:05 -0500
Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore-devel.com> wrote:
> > There is no real criteria.
> Oh, piss off.

This is very rewarding a word to hear from you.

Is that why people who work on boot-floppies seem to 
disappear for no reason pretty often ?

I care for a Debian release, I am working on fixing bugs.
I placed my hands on things I would never have liked to put my hands on.

Is it too much to ask for my native tongue to be added to the b-f ?

> There were criteria -- I used the Linux survey, the largest and most
> reputable source of who uses Linux. I ordered the languages according
> to number of users in those countries.
> Ok, it wasn't scientific but this continual blather on this list is
> less so -- squeaky wheel or not.
> I'm sick of disputing this, and the discussion is closed, unless you
> have patches which enable dynamically including languages as space
> allows.  Everything else is useless blather which will put you in my
> killfile.



dancer@debian.org  http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer

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