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Re: 3.0.22 plan, translations (b-f bugs dropping like flies.)

#include <hallo.h>
David Kimdon wrote on Thu Mar 28, 2002 um 10:17:53AM:

> b-f bugs : 139595, more bugs should be fixed, no more bugs should be
>      introduced 

Done. Not nice, I had to drop two languages, but we should have language
packs on the CD now.

Addition: I have a (hopefully) final version of the bf2.4 kernel,
currently waiting for a patch to fix the broken PLIP driver in 2.4.18.

> modconf: 137547 is fixed in cvs, we need that uploaded, along with any
>      other bugs that can be fixed.

Could you do, you made the recent changes.

> debian-cd: there are a couple of pending bugs, including one that will
>      allow for all languages to be available on the CD, that will be
>      great to see.
> net-inst: do net-inst/mini-iso cds have the extra language packs, can they?

At least for i386, the i386-special/mini-cd.iso script can produce
netinst images for each BF flavor, with or without basedebs.tar

> debian-dvd: do we want to make official debian dvd's?  what is
>      involved?

AFAIK debian-cd should be able to produce an iso9660-image of any size,
so it should work for DVDs too. I do not thing that distributing the
whole image on all mirrors makes much sense - it is IMHO possible keep
the DVD image on few servers. End users can "cat" CD images into one
file and let rsync cook an DVD image from this file. Or isn't this new
JugDo method useable for this purpose?

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