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3.0.22 plan, translations (b-f bugs dropping like flies.)

Hi all,

I'd like to see a release of boot-floppies 3.0.22 on or around the
weekend of April 6.  I'm hoping to organize some extensive testing of
this release (probably the weekend of April 13).

In addition I'd like to coordinate cdimages (both full, net-inst maybe
dvd too?) built in a semi-official way so we can point testers to them
as well.

Therefore next week the following should happen:

translations: some po files need updating [1]
finnish.src : needs to be created ( see http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2002/debian-i18n-200203/msg00026.html)
b-f bugs : 139595, more bugs should be fixed, no more bugs should be
modconf: 137547 is fixed in cvs, we need that uploaded, along with any
     other bugs that can be fixed.
debian-cd: there are a couple of pending bugs, including one that will
     allow for all languages to be available on the CD, that will be
     great to see.
net-inst: do net-inst/mini-iso cds have the extra language packs, can they?
debian-dvd: do we want to make official debian dvd's?  what is

Anything else?


[1] current statistics :
cs.po: 440 translated messages, 170 fuzzy translations, 243 untranslated messages.
eo.po: 824 translated messages, 21 fuzzy translations, 8 untranslated messages.
es.po: 793 translated messages, 28 fuzzy translations, 32 untranslated messages.
fi.po: 556 translated messages, 57 fuzzy translations, 240 untranslated messages.
hr.po: 650 translated messages, 28 fuzzy translations, 175 untranslated messages.
hu.po: 714 translated messages, 51 fuzzy translations, 88 untranslated messages.
ko.po: 738 translated messages, 30 fuzzy translations, 85 untranslated messages.
ja.po: 786 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation, 66 untranslated messages.
pl.po: 707 translated messages, 51 fuzzy translations, 95 untranslated messages.
ru.po: 838 translated messages, 4 fuzzy translations, 11 untranslated messages.
sk.po: 206 translated messages, 255 fuzzy translations, 392 untranslated messages.
sv.po: 841 translated messages, 14 fuzzy translations, 2 untranslated messages.
tr.po: 452 translated messages, 181 fuzzy translations, 220 untranslated messages.
zh_CN.po: 540 translated messages, 93 fuzzy translations, 222 untranslated messages.
zh_TW.po: 842 translated messages, 9 fuzzy translations, 2 untranslated messages.

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