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Re: 3.0.21 bf2.4 report

Hi Philip

Am 25-Mär-02 schrieb Philip Blundell:

> On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 22:38, Andreas Wüst wrote:
>>> From a design perspective, the main effect of the region chooser is to
>>> provide a complete locale string, eg "de_AT" rather than just "de". 
>>> However, this doesn't make any difference during the first stage install
>>> because the message catalogs are the same for all territories.
>> But in the second stage?
> The second stage isn't localised at this time.  (In boot-floppies speak,
> the "second stage" installer is the stuff that happens after reboot, ie
> base-config and all that.)
> Even if it were localised, the majority of programs would probably still
> not bother to carry different catalogs for specific regions.

Ah, so it just doesn't matter. And will even not when woody gets released I

>>> The only
>>> instance where this would be false is Taiwan and PRC, which do have
>>> distinct zh_TW/zh_CN catalogs, but at present this is handled by just
>>> listing traditional and simplified Chinese separately in the top level
>>> LC.  (I have no idea whether it would be considered desirable, or indeed
>>> feasible, to put them both under a common "Chinese" heading.)
>> What is this language string exactly for? Sorry, I am not that experienced 
>> with the boot-floppies.
> Sorry, I don't understand the question.  Which language string are you
> referring to?

Oh no, stupid me, I meant locale string, the one you mentioned above!

>> Maybe something like this. Altough I still can't imagine how it should
>> influence the keymap, as the keymap gets chosen before the language
>> requester pops up IIRC (or am I wrong with this?).
> You're wrong.  The language chooser is the very first screen that
> dbootstrap displays, followed by the release notes.

Ok, I am sorry!! I've tried the boot-floppies for so many times but now
getting it not even right to recall the first few requesters..

>> Well, what do you want now, do you want me to do a short wording for the
>> requester, for the manual, or both, or neither of them?
> Just for the manual, I think.

Ok, I think I could do this! Is it ok when I am gonna post something on, lets
say, thursday night? Would that be ok? Or is there a very close deadline for
the manual to be frozen?


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