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Bug#139043: ARM] Please mention conflict with "noinitrd" boot option

Rod Stewart wrote:

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

   NeTTrom command-> setenv netconfig_eth0 flash
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kerntftpserver
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kerntftpfile tftpboot.img
   NeTTrom command-> save-all
   NeTTrom command-> setenv kernconfig tftp

Only the last of these interferes with normal disk booting, so it is
safe to save-all right before it, which will store the network settings
in case you need to boot from the network again. Use the "printenv"
command to review your environment settings. Finally, if your
"cmdappend" NeTTrom variable has the "noinitrd" option (which is
necessary to boot 2.4 kernels), you must remove it so the downloaded
kernel can boot with its attached ramdisk.

You probably do not want the 'netconfig_eth0 flash' set in the firmware
with save-all.

Really? I haven't had it interfere with my setup with save-all. What kinds of problems can it cause? Is it just that the network gets configured twice, once by the NeTTrom and once by the OS?

Okay.  This is kind of NetWinder-centric, but that's what I have so
others can add their subarch's stuff.  Section 4.4 should also be modified:

And in big comments say something along the lines of:
	You must use eth0 (10-baseT) ne2k(piece of crap) for the tftpboot.
Yes, it is possible to boot off eth1, but the Debian kernels do not
support it, and you have to pass lots of parameters with cmdappend, it is

I forget the exact commands for booting via dhcp, but 'boot diskless' will
work, provided you dhcp server is setup to send all the info which the
NeTTrom wants.  'load diskless' should work as well, without doing the
boot, although there was a bug in it in the past which may be fixed in

So this "boot diskless" can be done regardless of all of the other environment variable settings, provided a DHCP server exists on the subnet? Is any extra info needed from the DHCP server, aside from the standard address, netmask, gateway and nameserver?


-Adam P.

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