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Bug#136312: boot-floppies: Support list of languages to use like glibc LANGUAGE varialbe

[Matt Kraai]
> With your patch, if a message catalog for the language selected
> by the user isn't present, it can fall back to message catalogs
> from other, similar languages.  But the user should only allowed
> to choose a language whose catalog is present, so it should
> never need to fall back.
> I presume I'm misunderstanding something.  Would you please
> enlighten me?

The part you understand is correct, but you forgot about the second
stage installer (base-config).  During this stage, there might be
programs missing the preferred translation, but with a more useful
translation than English available.  My patch would make sure this
information is passed into base-config.

And it would make it possible to have partly translated installation,
where the requested translation is used when possible, and the
alternative translations is used when the requested translation is
missing.  I believe this is a good thing, but it is not the important
part of my patch.

(I'm also working on a patch to base-config, passing LANG_INST and
LANGUAGE_INST on to the other programs if the locale is supported.)

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