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Bug#137992: base installation fails because of missing package

Package: installation
Version: 3.0 (Woody)

Hi Debian team!

Yesterday I downloaded the unofficial 'Woody' (testing) CD images. The
installation of the base system files fails, the installer says:

	Couldn't download pppoeconf

This package is indeed not on the first CDROM. I already tried the
following alternatives:

* downloading an image from a different mirror
* checking md5sums (all were okay)
* building a jigdo image today
* net installation over ftp from ftp.de.debian.org

All of these failed.

I already installed a Debian system half a year ago (with older
images) and it worked.

Suggestion: either include pppoeconf in the first CD image or make it
optional (it is used only with DSL install, isn't it?)

Nevertheless, many thanks for this great Linux Distri!

Bye, Martin

Martin Pitt
FSR Informatik

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