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Bug#137991: boot-floppies: Documentation index contains bad URLs

Package: boot-floppies
Version: N/A; reported 2002-03-12
Severity: important

The main documentation index main/disks-*/current/doc/index.html has bad
link to the "Release Notes" (it currently links to
dists/testing/main/upgrade-i386/ which does not exist).

As of now the "Release Notes" seem to be solely residing at

* Please *do* copy them into the documentation section so they can be
  included with the install mediums (there *are* "testing" CDs beeing
  burned on a quite large scale everywhere) so that people that do only
  upgrade through CDs etc. do have some infos on them on how to go about

* Please change the title "Release Notes" in the main index to
  Upgrade Information and Release Notes.

I do have reports of people completely breaking their system (PCMCIA
was deinstalled, DHCP was deinstalled, leaving them without a means
to download the requiredpackages or without a means to go back) so
actually I wanted to report this bug as critical.

There were rumours on -devel that one absolutely needs to update apt
*first* before doing anything else when doing an upgrade from potato.

If this is critical then it absolutely needs to be properly documented
and the user *must* come accross that piece of information if he reads
the docu which AFAIK is not the case now.

* So please document that fact in:
  In particular, if apt *does* need to be upgraded, then "3.3.1 Upgrading
  from Pre-Potato Releases or Using CD-ROMs" is completely missleading
  as one should (as far as I've heard from the rumours) *allways first
  upgrade apt.


-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux tpo2 2.4.16 #2 Fri Jan 4 18:17:17 CET 2002 i686

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