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Re: boot floppy test

Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 12:43:41PM -0600 wrote:
> Test of boot floppies on Alpha PC164 with SRM.
> rescue and root loaded fine, got me to "configure the keyboard",
> at which time I conluded the test was over and pushed reset.

thanks for the report.

> However, I first tried using "dd" on an unformatted floppy,
> and it did not work.  I then looked for "fdformat", it is
> not available in "potato" Debian 2.2r3.  The only thing 
> available for formatting floppies was something that required
> "gnome".  I should not have to have gnome just to format
> a floppy.

add a testing deb-src to /etc/apt/source.list

# apt-get source -b fdformat


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