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"Bug" found ! Re: "clear" doesn't work with bterm / bf 3.0.20

le ven 08-03-2002 à 16:28, thomas poindessous a écrit :
> Hi, i still have a problem with clear and bterm. It just doesn't work. The
> cursor is moved in the right place, but screen is not cleared.

I found it !

For bterm, clear must be : 
clear=\E[H\E[2J (found in bogl-0.1.8/bterm.ti) and busybox implement
clear like this : printf("\033[H\033[J"); (found in
busybox-0.60.2/clear.c )

This is also declared in dbootstrap.h 
#define  CLEAR "^[[H^[[J"

I will rebuild bf with right clear code and test.

Thomas Poindessous

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