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Re: Demographic analysis of debian user's language (was Re: b-f one-liner needs translating

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 01:56:39PM +0000, Karl E. Jorgensen wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 02:42:10PM +0100, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> > 
> > Right, Catalan users could install using Spanish or French, depending
> > where they live. Danish users could install using (I hope I'm not
> > mistaken) German, probably.
> I believe that you're mistaken. Danish and German are *very* different.
> It's similar to asking English users to install in French ;-) 

not really, since Danish and German are germanic languages, so
it is similar to asking English users to install in Dutch :-)
You can group Danish, Swedish and both Norwegians together, though.

Speakign of this - there shoud really be a way to do fallback to 
other languages for untranslated strings. (I don't know if it
is working or being worked on...)

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