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#include <hallo.h>
Adam Di Carlo wrote on Tue Mar 05, 2002 um 05:30:31AM:

> Files:
> changed:    choose_medium.c dbootstrap.h main.c netconfig.c partition_config.c util.c util.h

Could a native english speaker check this messages:

#: choose_medium.c:829
msgid ""
"It seems that there is at least one CD-ROM containing installation packages "
"in your drive. Should this be used as the primary installation medium and "
"skip the manual selection?\n"
"NOTE: If you become problems later and want to install from another source, "
"just remove the CD and reenter this step."
msgstr ""

#: choose_medium.c:830
msgid "Found a Debian CD-ROM"
msgstr ""

#: choose_medium.c:1406
msgid ""
"A problem occurred while reading the official Debian CD-ROM. Please choose "
"the installion medium manually."
msgstr ""

#: choose_medium.c:1406
msgid "Problem with Official CD-ROM"
msgstr ""

(wir lernen: plug & pay heißt "das Teil ist so scheiße, daß nicht 
einmal wir noch eine Doku schreiben wollen")
                                             (Robin S. Socha in dcouln)

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