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Re: Out of space - drop one language

Moin Christian!
Christian Leber schrieb am Sunday, den 03. March 2002:

> core:~# zcat devices.tar.gz |gzip -9|wc -c
>   40158
> core:~# zcat devices.tar.gz |gzip -9|gzip -9|wc -c
>   24104

Weird, weird.

> so it seems to me that tar don't use the -9 option
> the root-image is compresses with -9, so this could save space

Yes, it is already compressed twice. Nothing or not much to get here.

> line 358:
>  "tar zcf $devtarball dev" -> "tar c dev|gzip -9>$devtarball"

Err, no $devtarball is used for build only. The tarball on the rootfs
comes from debootstrap.

> BTW: is it possible to build boot-floppies without root?

You could take a prepared root.bin, if you mean this.

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das mit den Augen eingenommen wird.

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