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Re: Bug#135214 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#135214: boot-floppies: Translation of tty2 help text is never used)

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 18:22, Claus Hindsgaul wrote:
> When dbootstrap starts up, tty2 shows the message:
> "Please press Enter to activate this console".
> If I press <enter>, the message in question is shown ALWAYS IN ENGLISH:
> ("You are running...").
> As it can be seen above, the message is marked for gettext and thus
> appear in the po files.
> Actually the initial "Please press Enter..." should be i18n'ed too if
> possible.

On tty2, the "Please press Enter" message is printed by busybox init,
and the "You are running..." message is printed by /etc/profile. 
Dbootstrap isn't involved in either of these things.  The code in
interactive_shell.c is used if you choose "Execute a shell" from the
main menu.


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