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Bug#134045: slang/newt/utf8 troubles

#include <hallo.h>
David Kimdon wrote on Tue Feb 19, 2002 um 10:48:22PM:
> Can someone summarize what needs to be done to make boot-floppies
> buildable again?
> Currently I can't satisfy 'make check'.  This bug (#134045) ended up
> talking about nano, but it still isn't clear to me what we need for
> boot-floppies.

With the split of libslang, we need following programs which link against the
.UTF-8 version.

 - whiptail-utf8 Ask dancerj, he forked the newt package which links against
 - nano-tiny-utf8
 - cfdisk-utf8

Patches to create both last packages are on


We (me and dancerj) decided (at least it made this impression) to make
new "shadow" source packages, ig. new cfdisk-utf8, nano-bf and newt-utf8
source packages, which use the original .orig.tar.gz tarballs from util-linux,
nano and own diff files (same scheme as used on fetchmail<-ssl>).


> Bug #132990 may be slang/newt related, I'd like to figure out what
> libs I should be buliding with before I start debugging it.

 - build and upload new -utf8 packages
 - change EXTRACT maps to install this packages where needed. Note that we
   should not need this i18n-non-i18n-mixed crap longer. The disk is either
   completely built on -utf8, or on non-utf8 slang.
 - change rootdisk.sh to move the programs to the right locations, ie. moving
   cfdisk-utf8 to /sbin/cfdisk.

BTW: does anyone know how to contact the loadlin upstream? I see that error
and can reproduce another one (crc error) with kernel 2.4 on Athlon.


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