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Bug#134045: b-f needs to be updated to compile with slang1a-utf8

#include <hallo.h>
Junichi Uekawa wrote on Sun Feb 17, 2002 um 06:59:06AM:

> > The only way I see is to fetch one of them, extract localy and modify
> > the patchs from Makefiles. Any better idea?
> Did we really need the two versions ?
> My impression was that we used -utf packages in both
> packages, unlesss localized b-f was to be built, which 
> we won't.

Okay, I tried to make some changes in the Makefiles in EXTRACT lists.
Result: we really need an -utf8 version of programs that need
libslang. Otherwise, library compression seems to screw up the
libslang.so.1 library. libslang.so.1-UTF8.4.4 is okay, libslang.so.1 is
apparently a dummy, size: 1064 bytes.

What is to do? Create nano-utf8 package, or fix library reduction?
First option sounds better for me.

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